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Do you create Similar Drawings Repeatedly using standard CADD commands? It is time to explore Parametric Drawing Creation using Dynamic Block Concept in your CAD Package.

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What is Dynamic Block, and How it is useful?

Dynamic blocks in CAD Packages provide capabilities beyond standard blocks provided in the earlier CAD version. One dynamic block can represent multiple configurations of traditional AutoCAD blocks. Block entities can change depending on the parameters in dynamic block. The Block Editor environment will help you create and edit dynamic and static blocks. To make a standard AutoCAD block into a dynamic one, all you do is add the appropriate parameters and actions. The formula can define these parameter values. After inserting a dynamic block, each parameter and action change the block. After selecting the block, special grips appear to enable you to change the dynamic block. When you list the properties of the dynamic block, it will list all the parameters you can change. New calculated values from the input parameters will vary the drawing depending on dynamic block definition.

Dynamic Block

The limitation with Dynamic Block

Dynamic blocks are used not only for creating Parametric Drawings. It has multiple types of usages. The dynamic block is undoubtedly an enhanced solution for parametric drawings. However, it has many limitations. Creating a Dynamic Position for Text in Dynamic block is tricky. Dimensions do not get updated when you change the Parameters in the dynamic block. Any other party can reuse complex dynamic blocks that you create. Dynamic block works only in the latest version of CAD Packages.

There is a solution to Overcome this problem.

Advantage of Variable CADD

Variable CADD is a beautiful software developed by ESurveying, that can generate Drawings from Excel Definition including line, text, dimension, leader, etc. In Excel, you can create all the entity definitions using formulas depending on Variables. Once you update the values of the variables, the drawing definition changes, as in the case of dynamic block. When you generate an updated drawing, it will consider the values derived from new variables. In Excel Template, you can create Texts, Dimensions and other CAD Entities based on Variables.

Service Creating Excel Template for Variable CADD

Creating Excel Definition in Variable CADD takes considerable time, and the user has to know how variables are interlinked with drawing Entities.

GaammaByte team can prepare Excel Templates of Variable CADD for your Drawings. When you send the drawing for review, our team will analyse the drawing and send the quotation. Once you approve the quote, our team will prepare Excel Templates for variable CADD. You can generate as many drawings for similar kinds using these excel templates through Variable CAD.

CAD Packages that support Dynamic Block
AutoCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD, GStar CAD, Areas Commander, ProgeCAD